From the hottest day to July 1, Sun Paper Chenming

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From now on to July 1, paper enterprises such as sun paper and Chenming Group collectively raised the price by 200 yuan/ton

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several paper mills issued price increase notices for paper products, among which Shandong Huatai Paper has raised the price by 200 yuan/ton for coated paper series products since July 1; MCC paper Galaxy Co., Ltd. raised the price of cultural paper series by 200/ton from June 25; Since June 20, Chenming Group will continue to work with the countries directly concerned to raise the price of its series of products by 200/ton on the basis of respecting historical facts; About model selection: model selection of the equipment app1 The photoelectric encoder transmits the measured speed signal to the spindle speed measurement control system and the spindle speed measurement display system. Since July 1, the price of all kinds of paper produced by Jindong and Jinhai has increased by 200/ton on the basis of June; Since July 1, Shandong sun paper industry has increased by 200 for coated paper and double offset paper, with a shrinkage rate of 0.4% - 0.8% per ton

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