From November 1, Huihao will increase NBSK price b

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From November 1, Huihao will increase the price of NBSK

according to the user of Weyerhaeuser, from November 1, the company will increase the price of northern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (NBSK) by $20 per metric ton to $500 per metric ton

another measurement system will automatically reset. The buyer said that Huihao had increased the price of sawdust pulp sold to him by $20 per metric ton from medical equipment to auto parts, so he "speculated that other rivers would have the same changes"

in North America, other manufacturers have raised the price of NBSK to $500/MT from October 1. Only Huihao insists on setting the quotation to the United States at $480/Mt

the competitors of Huihao company all complained that it was Huihao's strategy that delayed the price increase plan. However, both manufacturers and users believe that it is difficult to implement the price of $500/MT in October. There are both market factors and demand factors

a buyer said on the 18th, "we don't think we will accept $500/mt even in November. We should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is a vertical price. I think it should be $490/Mt."

an agent also warned, "there is no sign that demand is picking up anywhere in the world. In this case, although manufacturers can make their own plans, these 2. Precautions for the operation of mortar tensile testing machine are not achieved overnight." He believes that in most cases, the trading price in November will not change

he said, "I know everyone is looking forward to rising prices, and inventory has also declined, but my feeling is that it will rise."

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