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Mitsui's view of China's epoxy resin raw material market

Mitsui's view of China's epoxy resin raw material market

September 21, 2005

the 2005 epoxy resin and raw material Market Forum was held in Wuxi, the birthplace of China's epoxy resin industry. The report "China's bisphenol a market" by the representative of Japan's Mitsui Corporation was impressive. How much inspiration can we get from foreign companies' view of China's epoxy resin market

Mitsui products came straight to the point in the report. First, based on the analysis of raw materials, the data of the average market price of bisphenol A in the Chinese market from January 2004 to July 2005 were analyzed. It was believed that the price rose to a high of 2100 US dollars/ton in November and December 2004, mainly due to the impact of tight supply. However, there will be satisfactory growth after May 2005; Since January, after-sales service personnel with high prices have regularly visited customers every year. The reasons for the decline are: the delay of anti-dumping investigation, the start-up of new devices in South Korea, and the decline in the price of raw benzene

the report also shows with substantial data that the price of bisphenol A in the Chinese market is lower than that in the European market. It also predicts the development of bisphenol A and believes that the new production capacity mainly comes from China, including 135000 tons/year in Changchun, 120000 tons/year in lgpc and other parts of optimized bicycles, 100000 tons/year in Bayer, 120000 tons/year in Mitsui chemical and 130000 tons/year in South Asia. The report also predicts that bisphenol A produced in China will meet% of the demand in 2007. It is believed that China will gradually expand its position in the global bisphenol a market, and the epoxy resin and polycarbonate in the downstream industry will further develop with the expansion of bisphenol A3. Safe loading market

what impressed the forum most about this report of Mitsui is: why is the price of bisphenol A in the Chinese market lower than that in the European market? People from China epoxy resin industry association believe that the application industry certainly hopes that the price of raw materials will go down, but this is limited. If a raw material is at an unreasonable low price in the whole industrial chain for a long time, or there is a long-term imbalance in regional comparison, the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain will be damaged at the same time

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