From manufacturing to logistics, China and Germany

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From manufacturing to logistics, China and Germany seek common development

according to the latest news of the organizing committee, China and Germany will continue to hold the Sino German logistics cooperation and development forum this year. The theme of the forum is German manufacturing logistics solutions. At that time, it will come from the German Federal Ministry of transport construction and urban planning, the German federal agency for foreign trade and investment, the German logistics alliance, the Inland Port Alliance, Buss logistics group, Hannover Airport Leaders of Chinese and foreign government departments, research institutions and enterprise executives from Shenzhen Bao'an District Logistics Office will conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on this issue to promote the development of Sino German logistics

it is reported that China's current manufacturing output value accounts for 19.8% of the world's manufacturing output value; Germany is currently the second largest exporter in the world, and the contribution of manufacturing exports to its economic growth accounts for 2/3. In 2011, the trade in goods between China and Germany reached 143.93 billion euros, an increase of 10.58% year-on-year, which shows the close relationship between the two sides in manufacturing

at the same time, the transportation industry in Germany is developed, and the road, waterway and air transportation are all-round developed; Logistics enterprises are large and strong, with Deutsche Post Group, a world-famous logistics service provider, and three well-known brands, DHL, Deutsche Post and postal bank, which are mainly engaged in logistics related express, postal and financial services. German logistics serves made in Germany well and is the bridge and link between made in Germany and the world

a total of 292 national invention patents have been applied for. The Expo is currently the only national large-scale international logistics and transportation Expo in China. Since it was held in 2006, it has been favored by German enterprises. Hamburg Port, Hannover Airport, DHL, etc. are all old exhibitors of the Expo. In 2011, the Federal Ministry of transport construction and urban planning of Germany also began to participate in it, and jointly held a Sino German logistics cooperation and development forum with the government of Bao'an District, Shenzhen, to avoid the invasion of moisture or impurities. Sino German cooperation extends from manufacturing to logistics

this year, the Sino German logistics cooperation and development forum will continue to be held, with a comprehensive focus on manufacturing and logistics, which will provide more reference, learning and reference for the increasingly extensive use of carbon fiber and its composites in China's manufacturing industry and the linkage development of the two industries of logistics. China and Germany will achieve common development from manufacturing to logistics

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