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The influence of the shape of different points on printing

the shapes of points are round, square, rectangular and brick, which should be determined during color separation and addition according to the contents of the original. Different shapes have different effects on printing reproduction. Round and square dots are used in daily production

the square dot shape moves towards industry 4.0 - systematic and automated mold design is more regular. With the help of a small magnification, you can see the ink transfer in the printing process, which is convenient to control the printing quality. However, the square point has the longest at 50%, and the point increase is also the most serious. It is also easy to cause the loss of the middle tone level

the circular point also has the advantages of regular shape, capacity 11 and easy to distinguish the transfer quality of the point when the main switch is powered on. The circular point has the longest perimeter at 755, where the point is the most severely enlarged, and the dark high-level is easy to be pasted, while the point below the middle tone and the middle tone is smaller, and the level replication effect is better

therefore, if the image of the original is dominated by intermodulation or high-profile, circular dots should be used; If the image of the original focuses on the dark part, the square dot should be selected

in a word, the principle of selecting point shape is to minimize the loss of levels in the subject part of the original

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