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Nordson's ultimate pursuit of product philosophy on April day in Jiangcheng, we interviewed Mr. Zhang Xi, sales director of Nordson (China) Co., Ltd.'s non-woven fabric department in China, at the annual industry event - cidpex annual meeting. Since Mr. Zhang joined nuoxin in early 2005, he has been working hard in the sanitary materials spraying equipment industry. After 14 years, he has gone all the way from service, technical engineering, sales to management. During the interview, Mr. Zhang talked about his thinking on industry changes and his understanding of Nordson's extreme pursuit of product philosophy

at present, Nordson's global main business is divided into three segments: hot melt adhesive spraying system (the non-woven fabric department is subordinate to this business segment), advanced technology system and industrial coating system. In fiscal 2018, the total sales volume was $2.3 billion, of which hot melt adhesive spraying system accounted for 42%, advanced technology system accounted for 46% and industrial coating system accounted for 12%

the root of the ultimate pursuit - positioning the product philosophy of the ultimate pursuit of

lies in positioning. Talking about the disposable sanitary products industry, in the eyes of Mr. Zhang, Nordson is not a manufacturer solely supplying hot melt adhesive spraying equipment, but an enterprise providing customers with heating melt adhesive system solutions. The full set of solutions means that Nordson products not only include equipment, but also provide market services and technological improvement and innovation. Provide complete and differentiated equipment configuration schemes for the needs of different levels of customer groups. This positioning is to grasp the market from the overall situation, provide technical support based on the actual needs of customers, and maximize production efficiency with the ultimate product service concept

In the medical market, especially in the infusion set manufacturing market, general manager Zhang introduced that nuoxin has always attached importance to the Chinese market. Since entering China in the early 1990s, nuoxin (China) Co., Ltd. was officially established in 1995. It has been 24 years since then. It has been playing an extremely good role in the disposable sanitary products industry. Kedongjie informed mo of its products and services

24 years of wind and rain, all the way forward. Driven by the concept of high efficiency: positioning, the company has always been committed to listening to the changing demands of customers. Compared with European and American sanitary product manufacturers, which pay attention to equipment operation speed and product structure, the demands of Chinese sanitary product enterprises in recent years are mostly focused on the three aspects of product softness, lightness and breathability. Corresponding to the sanitary material spraying equipment, it is necessary to control the glue amount, cooperate with the composite core, and launch the breathable coating scraper to meet the spraying of ultra-low weight hot melt adhesive

a complete set of solutions - this extreme product positioning guides Nordson to continuously capture customers' wants and needs to meet them. President Zhang said that in the future, the hygiene products in the Asian market will be upgraded to high-end and efficient. What we need to do is to give full play to our own advantages and provide more diverse equipment and service solutions

ultimate pursuit - innovation

"innovation of Nordson is to bring tangible results to customers." When talking about product innovation, president Zhang clearly said. At the cidpex2019 Wuhan tissue annual conference, the three new products promoted by Nordson - pureflowtm throat, altaspraytm-i intermittent spray gun and St have strong innovation, pertinence and practicality. The Art Kit circuit board reflects the product philosophy and practical innovation of this extreme pursuit, and practically solves the problems encountered in production for customers

pureflowtm throat is introduced to prevent carbonization of hot melt adhesive during production heating. Because the adhesive carbonization and blackening will block the nozzle of the glue gun, affecting the spraying effect and the quality of the finished product, nuoxin has introduced this throat with rediflextm II bracket, which has filtering inside, which can slow down the generation of carbide in the throat, thus reducing the downtime and maintenance costs caused by frequent replacement of the throat, and improving the stability of product production, which has been favored by customers. Comparing the colloid carbonization of Nordson pureflowtm throat and ordinary throat under the same hot melt adhesive and heating temperature within 80 hours, it can be found that the hot melt adhesive in pureflowtm throat only slightly turns yellow (carbonized) after continuous heating for 80 hours, while the hot melt adhesive in ordinary throat has been significantly carbonized

altaspraytm-i intermittent spray gun integrates the intermittent module into the gun body. The integrated design improves the heat conduction efficiency of the adhesive, makes the equipment react faster, and thus improves the heating effect. In addition, the inclined plane design of the gun body can effectively avoid the air turbulence phenomenon that is common in production and operation, and improve the stability of the spray pattern and the uniformity of the material trend

starter kit circuit board is the application embodiment of high-speed intelligent and digital production. It is applicable to all new and old Nordson glue machines on the market. Operators can read data in real time on the host interface of the production line, control glue machine equipment, and upgrade the software system of the communication board

you never know what you want to do. The product philosophy pursued by acme is not a slogan, but an innovation that closely follows the current and future market trends and practically optimizes customer benefits in practical production and application. The above-mentioned new products brought by Nordson in the exhibition are designed to solve the pain points and difficulties in the production of the sanitary products industry and comply with the trend. Some products have been strongly affirmed and supported by customers in the first application in other industries. How can such innovation not be gratifying

the ultimate pursuit - cooperation

breeds a high-quality sanitary product, which can not be separated from the cooperation of upstream and downstream material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and manufacturers. On the contrary, strategic cooperation with material suppliers and customer manufacturers to achieve win-win results can also effectively promote the improvement and upgrading of supply equipment. If we cooperate with each other, we can unite with each other; Making a car behind closed doors will only stop. Nordson's ultimate pursuit of product philosophy has deeply grasped this essence

Mr. Zhang said that in the past, the equipment manufacturers were the main driving force to promote the renewal of equipment. In recent years, with the increase of homogeneous sanitary products in the market, raw material suppliers are committed to developing new materials to meet product differentiation. In this process, information communication between upstream and downstream becomes extremely important. Nordson is deeply aware of this. It has established a laboratory in the factory in Shanghai, China. For many years, it has maintained technical cooperation with domestic and foreign suppliers of raw and auxiliary materials such as hot melt adhesives, nonwovens, breathable films, etc., and conducted fusion test on their new products. At the same time, a technical team has been specially set up to regularly hold technical exchanges or participate in seminars with raw material suppliers, and collect the latest and hottest technical information

in addition, Nordson has also established close contact with downstream manufacturers to listen to their needs and provide them with more perfect technical solutions. Only by strengthening the multi cooperation among enterprises, can we finally bring more high-quality sanitary products to consumers, so as to promote the vigorous development and prosperity of the whole industry

great music has the faintest notes, great form Is beyond shape invisible. As a supplier of spraying equipment for sanitary materials, Nordson has a higher product philosophy. It is positioned to provide solutions for the heating melt adhesive system. It follows the principle of bringing practical application benefits to customers, attaches importance to the development and testing of new products and equipment in cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, and has worked solidly in the Chinese market for 24 years with a pragmatic spirit and an overall perspective, winning the industry reputation, It also witnessed the rise and prosperity of China's sanitary products industry. Looking forward to the future, Nordson will continue to launch extreme products and shine

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