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Pastoral style, as the name suggests, is a decoration style that pursues nature, simplicity and indifference. The noise of big cities makes many people want to be close to nature and pursue a quiet life. Rural style decoration is welcomed by more and more people. Do you know the characteristics of rural style decoration? The following editor will introduce it to you

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1. Natural simplicity

the theme of rural style decoration is to be close to nature, show the breath of simple life, and give people a natural, simple, cordial and realistic feeling. Natural simplicity is also the most prominent feature of rural style

2. Space characteristics

Kitchen: it should have powerful, simple and durable kitchen equipment, like antique wall tiles, cabinet door panels, like to use solid wood door leaves or white molded door leaves to imitate wood grain color

living room: as a hospitality area, the living room is decorated more brightly than other spaces, usually with a large number of stone and wood finishes; The love for antique artworks in soft decoration decoration is also reflected in the preference for various antique wall and floor tiles and stones in decoration and the pursuit of various antique crafts

bedroom: the bedroom layout of American style home is relatively warm. As the owner's private space, it mainly focuses on functionality and practical comfort. General bedrooms do not have ceiling lights, and are decorated with warm and soft sets of cloth art, At the same time, it is very unified in terms of soft clothing and color

study: the study of American home furnishing is simple and practical, but the soft decoration is quite rich. There are all kinds of furnishings that symbolize the past life experience of the owner, such as rolled ancient books, yellowed navigational maps, oil paintings of rural scenery, a quill pen... Even the decorations, these things are enough to add points to the American style of the study

3. Furniture features

dining tables and chairs: most of them are white, and more of them are wooden. Some choose chairs with cushions or chairs without cushions. The paint on the wooden surface reflects wood grain, or pure white enamel paint, but there are no complex patterns. The fabric pattern of the cushion is also determined according to the overall style. Of course, the choice is mainly flowers and plants, reflecting the natural sense of the countryside. Tables and chairs are not placed properly when matching, and this style can be better reflected by treating life with a relaxed attitude

sofa coffee table: it is a commonly used full cloth sofa. Most of these sofas have no corners, mainly for two or three people. The patterns are mostly flowers and plants, and the colors are relatively elegant. They are equipped with wooden light grain tea tables

beds and bedside tables: not many beds can reflect the rural style, most of them are white, pink and green cloth, and some pure white bedside beds are equipped with hand-painted patterns, but this does not fully reflect the style characteristics

Xiaobian summary: no matter the design of spatial layout or the purchase and placement of furniture, the rural decoration style is close to the theme, showing a kind of rural nature, simplicity and sense of being




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