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What should we pay attention to when buying refined decoration? Generally, there are three key points:

1 The price of hardbound house is too high

as long as the house with fine decoration is involved in the market, the hardbound house developer must claim that the decoration standard of hardbound house is almost no less than 1500 yuan/square meter. In fact, generally speaking, the house decoration standard of 800-1000 yuan/square meter can only reach the level of medium decoration. If the developers uniformly decorate in batches, the decoration cost of the house should be discounted by at least oneortwo%

2. The decoration list of the hardbound house is vague

the hardbound house is not clear about the decoration standard and decoration materials in the contract, such as: the hardbound house decoration contract only indicates the use of brand building materials, but does not indicate what brand; Or the brand is marked but the specific model is not marked; Some will add a sentence later. According to the actual situation, the above decoration materials can be replaced by materials and equipment of the same or similar quality

3. The goods are not right.

the buyer bought a hardbound house. He felt very beautiful when looking at the model of the hardbound house, but he was completely dumbfounded when it came to the check-in. The balcony size of the hardbound house is completely different from the model room, and the location of the bedroom air conditioning position and the kitchen flue of the hardbound house are also different from those shown before, so the buyer must pay attention to it before buying the house

methods for safeguarding rights over quality problems of hardbound houses

if there are quality problems in the hardbound houses you buy, and your opinions are inconsistent with those of the real estate developers, you can sue the housing developers in accordance with the law to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests

when filing a lawsuit, you should keep the housing purchase contract, residential instruction manual and residential quality guarantee. You can take photos or notarize to find a third-party evaluation company to evaluate the loss and entrust relevant appraisal departments to appraise and other departments to preserve and improve the evidence. You can also complain to the competent department of housing construction, or protect your rights and interests by litigation to the local people's court

in a word, when signing the purchase contract, the buyers who are going to buy the hardbound house must sign the terms as detailed as possible, so as to provide a basis for claims in case of differences in the delivery of the hardbound house in the future. In the purchase of refined decoration Fang Zhiqiang, we must be prepared for the hardbound house, and be ready to buy some big brand developers. It is good to ask professionals to help inspect the house when delivering the house

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