Shangji wooden door exquisite Nordic sunshine seri

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The color is simple and not flashy, the handrail is small and exquisite and stylish, and the whole design is simple but not simple. It is very leisurely and complacent...

time is drifting away in the transformation of things to the stars,

winter, with a warm breath, meets you unexpectedly

spring flowers have a dream, running water has no trace, and has experienced too many thin and cool days,

finally, home is your best destination

Shangji wooden door - Nordic sunshine series, Warm the whole cold winter for home

Nordic sunshine

exquisite Nordic lifestyle,

natural, introverted, quiet, modern,

this Fuji white wood door matches the whole home

simple and fashionable, and is popular in 80 and 90

Nordic life

originates from simplicity and purity,

but there is no lack of rich internal energy,

the concept of no exaggeration reflects the delicate and harmonious texture

the color is simple and no exaggeration

the armrest is small, exquisite and stylish

the whole design is simple but not simple

very leisurely and complacent





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